Fort Street’s Neighborhoods

Like most urban environs, Fort Street Mall’s character changes block by block.  As you walk along the Mall, the businesses and the patrons indicate changes in the Mall’s identity.

Downtown Campus
Across from the Cathedral of Our Lady of Peace at the mauka end of the Mall, the Hawaii Pacific University presence gives the Mall a college feel.  Students periodically fill the Mall when classes let out and they stroll to one of the many buildings that HPU occupies on the Mall.  Click on this link to view the number of buildings that have an HPU presence.


International Food Court
The area between Chaplain Lane and Hotel Street hosts Fort Street Mall’s food court.  Over 15 restaurants offer an international selection of food.  From Rada’s Piroscki (Russian), Fort Street Cafe (Vietnamese and Thai), Marukame Udon (Japanese), Vicky’s (Filipino) to the national chains (McDonalds, Subway), you are guaranteed to have a amazing culinary experience.


Fashion and Clothing Hub
Fort Street’s legacy as Honolulu’s original shopping center remains between Hotel Street and King Street.  From an area that once showcased Liberty House, Woolworth’s and Kress, we now have Ross Stores, Longs Drug Store and Walmart.


Commerce and Financial Center
Makai of King Street, Fort Street Mall contains a strong and vibrant financial sector.  The second largest bank in Hawaii, Bank of Hawaii, has its headquarters on the Mall.  American Savings Bank also has one of its two towers on the Mall.  Pioneer Plaza is one of the preeminent office destinations.  And although the Big 5 sugar companies no longer dominate Hawaii’s economy, two of those companies held their headquarters on the Mall (C. Brewer and AmFac – now Topa Towers).